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Most businesses use only a small fraction of their potential and especially their software potential.   We work closely with our clients to optimize their software and training so that they can use more of that potential. That translates to greater productivity, more enjoyment of work and improved business results. 

Our main focus is on database applications for PCs (networked and standalone) and web applications. We also offer security solutions and training.  Our tools include Word, Excel, Access, SQL Server, MySQL, PHP, ASP.NET, Visual Studio, Visual Basic, PhotoShop, Fireworks, DreamWeaver, Flash and WordPress.

Our clients consistently say that they are pleased about how well their web sites and custom software work and how effective our training is. 



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Security Solutions

As everyone knows, there is a large threat from hackers, viruses, worms and so on. If you have not protected your systems, or if you have and are not sure just how safe your PC is, we will be happy to analyze your security situation and offer complete PC security solutions.

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